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Ant Fox


Once upon a time..

... a woman had a silver ring. The woman loved this ring and took it with her on many adventures around the world. The ring had magical properties and was adorned with a beautiful topaz  with the ability to summon barracudas from the depths. Alas, after it's many many travels, the ring got battered and bashed and the woman became worried that she might loose the magic topaz for ever to the depths of the ocean.

One day the woman met a man. The man liked the ring very much. Seeing that the woman was worried that one day she might lose the magic baracuda stone, he took the ring and turned it over in his hand. He imagined the stone in a new ring. One of stronger metals and a safer setting. 


The man then took the ring to a master jeweller, instructing him to use the finest and hardest metals to recraft the ring and remake it beautiful and strong. Strong enough for their travels together to the deepest sea and highest mountain.


The Jeweller did well and the man shook his hand. He gave the magic barracuda ring back to the woman and she was happy.

Happy Birthday Naomi