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Artivive at the Antfox Gallery

Ant Fox

If you ever thought it would be cool if still pictures came to life like they do in the Harry Potter movies, now this has become a reality with the Augmented reality app Artivive.

Many of the paintings at the Antfox Gallery now spring in to motion when they are viewed by any smart phone with the Artivive app installed. The bluebells painting now have twinkles in the trees and a flock of birds flying through the forest.

Hold you phone over King Louie and he will tell you “I wanna be like you”

look at our painting of beaker and find out why it is called “The Meeping Sister”

So what is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality, commonly abbreviated "AR," is computer-generated content overlaid on a real world environment. AR hardware comes in many forms, including devices that you can carry, such as handheld displays, and devices you wear, such as headsets, and glasses. Common applications of AR technology include video games, television, and personal navigation, though there are many other uses as well.

The augmented reality app Artivive had won the “Best Austrian Startup” category in Pioneers conference in Vienna in May this year. Founded in 2017, it had already accrued over 60,000 downloads, with users spending a collective 1.3 million minutes engaging with art via the app. In the past year alone, over 2000 artists in 65 countries have used the platform, supporting over 100 exhibitions 1.5+ million scans nearly 5k original artworks.

Artivive CEO Codin Popescu says that “For an artist to create in augmented reality they previously had to build their own isolated solutions, which required technical skills and resources, but now those artists can take visitors on a journey in time and explain what lies behind, enhance the art with illustrations or show how the artworks were made. For museums, exhibitions, galleries and other art institutions it offers a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with the exhibits.”

This new technology allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. The digital layer opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. Artists can take visitors on a journey in time and explain what lies behind, enhance the artwork or tell a story. This new world can be unlocked by any smartphone or tablet and offer an extended and emotional experience.

Why not download the Free Artivive app now from the iTunes app store or Google Play Store from the links below and try it on the images below to see them come to life for yourself.

Or come down to the gallery, with the Artivive app pre installed on your phone and we will gladly demo the animations for you with an explanation of how it works and how to get the best out of the experience. We we are offering a 10% discount to anyone that turns up at the Antfox Gallery on Brighton seafront to anyone with the Artivive app installed

You can find out more information on Artivive at

BBC drops into the ANTFOX Gallery

Ant Fox

Sat outside the gallery one morning and I became aware that someone was behind me.

‘Excuse me Sir, do you mind if we film you for a section putting together for the BBC’s The One Show?’.

‘Not at all', what’s it about?

‘What makes us happy.’

Bemused, ‘If I’m not painting, I’m not happy. The only time I’m happy is when I’m painting .’ was the first thing that came out.

My old favourite is, ‘find something you love and you will never work a day in your life.’ a quote often attributed to Confucius or thereabouts.

Either way, they caught me at a moment of reflection having recently moved into being a full time artist seems to be agreeing with me.

Aired on 27 May 2019 BBC One, The One Show.


Ant Fox


I am proud to announce that in collaboration with Marwood Coffee Shop & Unbarred Brewery We have created a Beer

Raf and Harry Starwars.jpg

A while a go I did a painting for the owners Harry & Raf which hangs proudly on the wall behind the bar. Because of that painting they asked me if I would design the beer can for their new beer,, and at last, here it is

jump in the line.JPG

The beer is called “Jump in the Line” (after Harry’s favourite song) and is described as a “Conga starting Pale ale 5.7%”


The design features a scene of the inside of the Bar and characters including the brewers and staff.

So get down to Marwoods (52 Ship Street, Brighton) and grab yourself a beer.

Tell them that you are a friend of Ant and get a 10% discount (t&c’s apply (and depending what kind of mood Harry is in)).

Antfox 2018 Artist Open House at YMCA

Ant Fox

We are excited to be taking part in Artists Open Houses festival this May for the third year running. Our artwork will be displayed along with 20 local artists at YMCA head office in Reed House. All proceeds from artwork sales will go towards helping vulnerable and disadvantaged young people get back into work or education #AOH #AOH2018 #AOHMAY2018#HOVEARTS

Pop in to YMCA's HQ on Palmeria Square over any of the next 4 weekends to have a gander!