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Hide & Seek

Ant Fox

Our seaside city of Brighton & Hove has long had the reputation for salubrious frivolity with an alternative twist. 

As the city has grown in popularity the parking has remained at the top of the moans and grumble list along with stag and hen nights, seagulls, and the general crowds of tourists each year. 

Our traffic wardens have an uneviable repuation for being the most vigilant in the country as they pound the streets issueing tickets to the ill informed.  

As little protest, somebody (who shall remain namless) has produced a piece of wall art to entertain the locals and visitors alike as they drive around and around looking for an over priced and rare parking spot.


Photo 09-06-2018, 18 00 43 (2).jpg
Photo 09-06-2018, 18 00 29.jpg