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ANTFOX Gallery Honours The Brighton Legend Disco Pete

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ANTFOX Gallery Honours The Brighton Legend Disco Pete

Ant Fox

Residents and visitors to Brighton and Hove music events and gigs will know a sprightly elderly fellow in a fiery shirt, baseball cap and sunglasses dancing at the front, facing the crowd.

 However, following a health scare a few weeks ago and advice from his doctors for the white-gloved octogenarian, fans, including us here at the ANTFOX Gallery were concerned that his unique presence might be missing from the upcoming Brighton Festivals starting this month.

 But fear not, We are pleased to say that even though he was in a wheel chair, Pete was enjoying the sights and sounds at the Robin Hood Pub Street Party this weekend.

 We met the Raving Legend there to present him with a painting of himself, a thank you for the smiles and spirit lifting dance moves that he has been sharing with us for decades.

 His unique dance moves almost look as if he is conducting the audience, he swipes and pats the air with his white gloves, grinning all the while. Disco Pete will dance to anything - hip hop, reggae, Irish jig, electronic, acoustic, swing, brass band, classical - you name it. Pete has been regularly making an appearance at annual events around Sussex. He stays for the entire duration and he doesn't touch a drop of booze, it isn't false highs that keep him going, it is pure beats.

This white-gloved octogenarian. Pete Turner has been clubbing since the ’60s  saying: "Things have changed a lot since then, especially the music.

 "I love music. I love
dancing. The more hardcore the
better. I’m a bit like a Pringle – once
I bop, I just can’t stop."

                                      :Disco Pete