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Antfox 2018 Artist Open House at YMCA

Ant Fox

We are excited to be taking part in Artists Open Houses festival this May for the third year running. Our artwork will be displayed along with 20 local artists at YMCA head office in Reed House. All proceeds from artwork sales will go towards helping vulnerable and disadvantaged young people get back into work or education #AOH #AOH2018 #AOHMAY2018#HOVEARTS

Pop in to YMCA's HQ on Palmeria Square over any of the next 4 weekends to have a gander!

The Chess Game

Ant Fox

A little while ago I found myself across a chess board in an hotel in Leicestershire enjoying a few drinks with my friend Slavomir. The sketches from that evening are now finished as a painting which I think capture the concentration and fuzziness of that evening.

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Life in Tetebuta, Lombok

Ant Fox

While exploring volcanic slopes of rural Lombok and amid the torrential downpours, I caught a scene which held my attention, of a days harvested from the rice fields being taken back to a local village

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Honoured in Procreate Global Art Prize 2016

Ant Fox


Procreate is leading the way with its innovative technologies was one of the first companies to receive recognition in this new field from other leading manufacturers such as Apple. 

As such, the creation of digital art used to be restricted to all but a few programmes, that market is expanding rapidly alongside the technology and mediums available to artists. 

We are very pleased indeed to receive an honourable mention in this year's Global Art Prize amongst a strong field of entries. 

We look forward to continue working with products like Procreate that allow us creatives to keep expanding those horizons.